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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME syllabus for christian religious studies is out and accessible on this page.

Syllabus Overview

Examination TypeUTME / Direct Entry
Examination Year2024/2025
SyllabusChristian Religious Studies
File FormatPDF
File Size283KB

Christian Religious Studies (CRS) is a subject that goes beyond the confines of a traditional classroom, aiming to instill spiritual values, moral principles, and a deep understanding of Christian doctrines.

The JAMB Syllabus for CRS is an essential document which contain the key topics and areas that candidates are expected to cover in their preparation for the forthcoming examination.

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JAMB CRS Syllabus is typically organized into different sections, each corresponding to specific areas within the field of Christian Religious Studies. See the syllabus below.

General Objectives

  1. acquire the knowledge and understanding of the tenets of the Christian faith as contained in the Bible;
  2. interpret biblical teachings and themes;
  3. apply biblical teachings and tenets to life in society;
  4. evaluate the level of application of biblical teachings and tenets to life in society.

The syllabus is divided into four sections, namely:

SECTION A: Themes from Creation to the Division of the Kingdom
SECTION B: Themes from the Division of the Kingdom to the Return from Exile and the Prophets
SECTION C: Themes from the four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles
SECTION D: Themes from selected Epistles

JAMB 2024 Syllabus for Christian Religious Studies


1. Themes from Creation to the Division of the Kingdom

The Sovereignty of God

God as Creator and Controller of the Universe (Gen. 1 and 2) cf. Amos 9:5-6; Is. 45:5-12 Ps. 19:1-6, Jer 18: 1-16, Rom 8: 28)
Candidates should be able to:

i. define the term ‘sovereignty’;

ii. analyse God’s process of creation;

iii. interpret the sequence of creation;

iv. identify man’s role in advancing God’s purpose in creation.
2. The Covenant

(a) The flood and God’s covenant with Noah (Gen. 6:1-22; 7:1-24; 9:1-17)

(b) God’s covenant with Abraham (Gen.
11:31-32; 12:1-9; 17:1-21; 21:1-13; 25:19-

(c) God’s covenant with Israel (Ex. 19; 20;
24:1-11) cf. Deut. 28:1-19

(d) The New Covenant (Jer. 31:31-34; Ezek
Candidates should be able to:

i. explain the concept of covenant;

ii. examine the importance and implication of the covenants;

iii. distinguish between God’s covenants with Noah, Abraham and Israel;

iv. Distinguish between the old and the new covenants.
3. Leadership Qualities Examples of

(a) Joseph (Gen. 37:1-28; 41:1-57; 45:1-15)

(b) Moses (Ex. 1; 2; 3; 4:1-17; 5; 12; Num.
13:1-20; 14:1-19)

(c) Joshua (Num. 13:21-33; 27:15-23; Josh. 1:1-15; 6; 7; 24:1-31)

(d) Judges (Deborah – Judges. 4:1-24; Gideon: Judges 6:11-40; Samson: Judges 13:1-7, 21-25; 16:4-31)
Candidates should be able to:

i. examine the circumstances that gave rise to the leadership of Joseph, Moses, Joshua and the Judges;

ii. identify the major talents of these leaders;

iii. assess God’s role in the works of these leaders;

iv. analyse the achievements of these leaders.
4. Divine Providence, Guidance and Protection

(a) Guidance and Protection (Gen. 24:1-61;
28:10-22; 46:1-7: Ex. 13:17-22; 14:1-4;

(b) Provision (Gen. 21:14-18; 22:1-14; Ex.
16:1-21; 17:1-7; Num. 20:1-13; 1 Kings
Candidates should be able to:

i. identify the different ways by which God guided and protected the people of Israel;

ii. specify how God provided for His people;

iii. identify the different occasions when God provided for Israel.
5. Parental Responsibility Examples of

(a) Eli and Samuel (1 Sam. 2:11-36; 3:2-18;
4:10-22: 8:15)

(b) David (11 Sam. 13; 15:1-29; 18; 19:1-8)

(c) Asa (1 Kings 15:9-15; 22:41-44; cf. Deut. 6:4-9; Prov. 4:1-10; 13:1; 24; 22:6; 23:13- 14; 31:10-31)
Candidates should be able to:

i. determine the extent to which Eli, Samuel and David were responsible for the short-comings of their children:

ii. describe how Asa pleased God.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, JAMB has released the 2024 syllabus which can be download on this page or on the JAMB portal.

This depends on your course of study. Mathematics is compulsory for most science subjects like Engineering.

4 subjects. English language is compulsory for all candidates.

No, the JAMB syllabus is not always the same every year. The syllabus is subject to modification at any year.

Yes, JAMB follows its syllabus. However, you can read broad and prepare thoroughly for the forthcoming exams.

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