JAMB 2024/2025 Novel: The Life Changer (Free PDF Download)

JAMB recommends “The Life Changer” written by Khadijat Abubakar Jalli as the official novel for the 2024 JAMB Use of English paper.

Novel TitleThe Life Changer
AuthorKhadijat Abubakar Jalli
Published DateJanuary 1, 2020
Download FormatPDF
File Size25.2 MB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a critical milestone for students seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. With each year, the examination evolves, and one key aspect that captures the attention of candidates is the recommended novel for the Use of English paper.


In 2024, JAMB introduces a captivating novel that explores several narratives of life on campus. In this article, we will explore the JAMB 2024 recommended novel, providing insights, summaries, and download link to get the Novel for FREE.

JAMB 2024 Novel Overview

The JAMB 2024 recommended novel is titled “The Life Changer” and is is by Khadijat Abubakar Jalli. It contains 9 exiting chapters. This gripping literary piece has been carefully selected to not only test the language proficiency of candidates but also to stimulate critical thinking and analytical skills.


The text uses the voice of Ummi to narrate various challenges in the university campus. The narration follows the adventures of Salma and her roommates in campus as they journey through social and academic challenges.

The novel cuts across the changes that follow a person’s life in the campus. The university is known to be a mystery to people who have never experienced it.

This text shows the need for parental guidance and counselling in a new world where freedom is tied to many complexities such as temptation, lies, distrust, betrayal, bad association, crime, bribery and corruption, abuse of social media etc.

Download The Life Changer Novel

To excel in the JAMB examination, candidates must download and read the recommended novel. As promised, you can click the button below to download the Novel in a PDF format into your smartphone or laptop.


The Life Changer novel was written by Khadijat Abubakar Jalli.

The Life Changer novel has a total of 9 exiting chapters.

The main theme of The Life Changer is the impact of education on the lives of women and girls in Nigeria.

The The Life Changer novel has about 79 pages.

The Life Changer novel was published on January 1, 2020.

As candidates gear up for the JAMB 2024 examination, familiarity with the recommended novel is essential. Happy reading and best of luck in your JAMB 2024 UTME!

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