JAMB 2024 Result Checking Errors and How to Solve Them

The release of the just concluded 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results is a highly anticipated event for candidates who have taken the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

However, the process of checking results can sometimes be fraught with errors and challenges. In 2024, candidates have reported a variety of issues while attempting to access their results.


We will outline these common problems and provide practical solutions to ensure a smooth and successful result checking experience.

Common Issues Faced by Candidates

While checking your JAMB results, you might encounter some of these issues:

1Incorrect Registration Number or Invalid e-PIN
2JAMB Website Overload or Down
3Unreleased Results, Withheld or Under Investigation
4Unable to Find Result
5Blocked or Suspended Profile
6SMS Errors
7No Response
8Network Connectivity Issues

Solutions to JAMB Result Errors

Don’t panic if you encounter an error while trying to check your 2024 UTME result. Here’s what you can do:

1. Incorrect Registration Number or Invalid e-PIN

Candidates may receive an error message indicating that their registration number or e-Pin is incorrect.

  • Double-check the registration number entered to ensure it matches the one provided during registration.
  • If you are still encountering issues, contact JAMB support for assistance. They may request additional information to verify your identity and provide the correct registration number.
  • Ensure that you are using the correct e-PIN purchased specifically for checking results.
  • If the e-PIN is invalid, you may need to purchase a new one from authorized JAMB vendors or through the JAMB portal.

2. JAMB Website Overload or Down

JAMB portal may experience high traffic during this time, leading to server errors or slow response times.

    • Try checking your result during off-peak hours, such as early in the morning or late at night.
    • Ensure you have a stable internet connection and clear your browser cache before attempting to check again.

    3. Unreleased Results, Withheld or Under Investigation

    Some candidates may find that their results are not yet available or have been withheld for further investigation.

    • If your result is marked as “not yet released,” check back periodically as JAMB may be conducting additional verification.
    • For withheld results due to suspected malpractice, JAMB will provide further instructions on the next steps.

    4. Unable to Find Result

    Some candidates may experience this. This error means that either your registration number is incorrect or some other information your provided is incorrect.

    • Confirm your registration number and ensure your are entering the 10-digit number given to you during the UTME registration.
    • Ensure that your email is also correct and same as the one used during the registration.

    5. Blocked or Suspended Profile

    Candidates who have violated JAMB’s terms and conditions may find their profiles blocked or suspended.

    • Contact JAMB support to understand the reason for the suspension and follow the provided steps to resolve the issue.
    • Adhere to JAMB’s guidelines and policies to avoid future suspensions.

    6. SMS Errors

    Candidates using the SMS method to check results may encounter errors if the format is incorrect or if there are issues with the mobile network.

    • Ensure you are using the correct SMS format: send “RESULT” followed by your registration number to 55019.
    • Check your mobile network signal and ensure you have sufficient airtime for the SMS charge (N50).
    • If the issue persists, try using the online method through the JAMB portal.

    7. No Response

    For candidates using the SMS method, sometimes there’s a delay in SMS response even after getting debited.

    • Ensure that the phone number you are sending the message from is the same phone number you used while registering for the 2024 UTME.
    • If you have confirmed that you are using the same phone number, kindly exercise patience. Network issues may cause delay in response. You can resend the message if it you do not get a response under 24hrs.

    8. Network Connectivity Issues

    Poor internet connectivity can prevent candidates from accessing their results.

    • Use a reliable internet service provider with a stable connection.
    • Consider using a different device or location with better network coverage.

    If you encounter persistent issues, visit a JAMB office or accredited center for in-person assistance.

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